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In the burning sands of Egypt lie great marvels. Mystery surrounds its ancient pyramids; so incredible in design and structure that man hesitates to claim the building of them, thinking they must have come from a civilization beyond our stars. The Nile with its life giving water in an arid land carried a magnificent queen to her destiny. Greeks, Romans and Christians have written their history in the same sands that hear the call to prayer of faithful Islam’s.

For the backpacker Egypt is a dream, with cheap accommodation, cheap food, and the chance to beat down the price of practically anything in a time honoured tradition of haggling.

Daily Budget
Egypt is made for backpackers and is wonderfully cheap. If you OK with staying in the cheapest lodgings, eating takeaways from local vendors, and only visiting one historic site a day, then it is possible to get by on roughly US$15 a day, with meals at around US$2-4 and lodging coming in the region of US$2-8. I can personally live here for just 2le to 10LE per day……this is a real backpackers budget food!!! for example travel off the beaten track to the areas where the locals eat and drink…..try a dish called foul..this is a local dish made from fava beans, costs just 1LE, buy the egyptian bread..4 pieces also for 1LE….this can last you all day….its filling and nutritious, also we have another cheap dish called kosheri…..its gorgeous, a mixture of spaghetti,lentils,chick peas,rice in a spicy tomoto sauce with dried roated onions…they also give you a small bad with hot chilli sauce(very hot!!) with a garlic/lemon sauce…..this is just 3LE…..when I am skint, its ideal to get you through the day!!… the way you will find the locals friendly, and u get no hassles compared if u go to the touristic places……so cheap to eat!!

When to Go!
With the size of Egypt it becomes a matter of location and climate. In the summer months of June to August destinations south of Cairo are blazing hot, especially Luxor and Aswan, so the winter months of December to February are better for travellers. The Mediterranean coast is packed out in summer with tourists and sun lovers, but the Cairo winter is a bit nippy, so either March to May or September to November would be the better options, with warm days and quiet beaches. The Abu Simbel Festival is held twice a year in Egypt, in February and October, and is one of the world’s most spectacular sights.

Getting around
use local transport!!!!!  use the service buses, you can travel to most places for about 1LE……also good network bus routes to most places around Egypt such as EL-Gouna,GObus, Superjet, travel from Cairo to Sharm starts from 50LE..about 10 dollars…..regular buses go from central bus stations, trains also very cheap, cant remember the prices, but the network is pretty good around Cairo to most locations…..dont bother with taxis if you can avoid!!they rip u off!!Another good way is to ask drivers!!they always want to earn some more cash…so have your wits and negotiate..wouldnt recommend this too much if you are alone or female…..travelling alone as a female is fine as long as you are pretty levelheaded and stick to trains and buses only……

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