10 Best Hostels in Madrid For Backpackers

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For such a huge city in the center of Spain, Madrid is one of the most sophisticated places for a backpacker to experience. Everything from the well-organized streets, to the culture and European art, will be a pleasure to explore. If you are looking for where to stay then you are in the right place. We have put together a list of hostels in Madrid that have been highly rated both online and from experience for backpackers.

The Hat 

The Hat Madrid
Image by The Hat Madrid

Located at the center of Madrid de Los Austria, the hostel is located in a 19th-century building and has managed to maintain its look over the years. One of the best areas to stay in Spain, the property is located at the heart of the city to provide you with access to most attractions in the city. The property reflects Madrid City through its boutique hotel style and experiences great hospitality offered by kind staff members who work around the clock. Their rooms are quite modern with a bar located at the rooftop of the building.

There is lots of space at the lobby where you can hang out at the bar. The hostel offers the following services, Wi-Fi, there is a washing machine, clothes dryer and lots of parking space. You can also get towels at an extra cost of 2.50 Euros.

The hostel has double rooms and dorms. The dorms have several categories. There are those with four, six, eight and 10 beds. Some are female-only rooms. The bathrooms are private. Each bed is assigned a socket, shelf, and locker. For each locker, however, you have to purchase your lock. The hostel provides two sheets and duvets and two pillows.

OK Hostel Madrid 

Hostel Madrid
Image by OK Hostel

If you need a quiet experience then choose OK Hostel Madrid located in the old-fashioned part of Madrid. Considered one of the best hostels in Spain, it is centrally located close to two metro stations and surrounded by Madrid’s nightlife. Clubs are closely located 10 minutes away and you can get there on foot.

The hostel has a bar where you can spend some time relaxing. Beers cost 1.50 Euros while dinner costs 10 Euros which is inclusive of drinks. The hostel offers buffet breakfast from 8 am to 10.30 for 3 Euros. 

Double rooms are available including four and six-bed dorms. The beds are made of wooden bunks. Each bed is assigned a lockable drawer, sockets, a reading light, and a lockable locker. If you love terraces then choose to book a room on the third floor which has some beautiful terraces.

Mola! Hostel 

Mola Hostel
Image by The Mola Hostel

The Mola! Hostel is centrally located and you can access most of the attractions such as the Puerta de Sol, The Plaza Mayor, and San Miguel Market easily from here. You can also access other key attractions by walking about 20 minutes to the Prado Museum and the Royal Palace. The bar is located in the basement so you will hardly hear any disturbances from your room.

The rooms are designed in such a way that the washrooms and bathrooms are separate so if you are sharing you do not have to wake your other roommates in the middle of the night. The hostel is designed such that some rooms face the street, so if you hate street noise remember to request not to be booked in a room that faces the street.

U Hostel Madrid 

Considered as one of the more luxurious hostels located at the center of Madrid, U Hostel is located inside the 19th-century stylish building constructed in the old Madrilenian style. The interiors are carefully constructed to give you a spacious ambiance. The seats are sophisticatedly designed from bean bags and vintage sofas.  

Image by Quinn Kampschroer from Pixabay

The hostel has double rooms, four, six, eight and twelve dormitory-style accommodation. There are also women-only rooms available. Making it perfect for solo women travelers. The hostel has a bonus offer of free tours, free drinks, entertaining flamenco, and parties. There is also Spanish breakfast at a cost of 1 Euro.

Some of the services offered include bikes available for rent, a laundry room and a large lounge that has a large screen where you can take some time to relax and watch television. Each floor of the hostel contains a computer for use.

TOC Hostel 

The TOC Hostel is considered one of the best Madrid hostels for its great location. It is close to the metro station, a shopping street and plenty of restaurants surround it. The TOC staff are responsive and available for 24 hours. 

Image by WikiCommons

The hostel provides clean beddings and each bed is allocated an electric socket and a laundry bag. The hostel also offers kitchen facilities with plenty of utensils that can accommodate the number of visitors at hand. There is also a fridge available where you can store your food if you prefer to buy food and prepare at the hostel kitchen. The staff provides a plastic bag where you can store your food and pens are available so that you can label.

The hostel is located very close to Sol metro station. Shopping, eating and drinking is not such a hustle for any guest here as the shopping malls and restaurants are very close to the hostel.

Safestay Madrid 

Image by Safestay Madrid

Safestay is great for walkers as it is centrally located and you can just about take a walk to many attractions that surround it. There is so much to see right in front of Safestay. From restaurants, street entertainers and a network of plazas and streets. You can quickly access the internetworked attractions from Puerta del Sol, view the Plaza Mayor and take a meal here.

Some of the services include Wi-Fi, Laundry, and a lounge and breakfast. Safestay is a very popular go-to hostel for group accommodation. Additionally, if you are backpacking as a group you can consider booking your stay here.

Room 007 Chueca Hostel 

Room 007 is located in the Chueca neighborhood. Some great landmarks near this hostel include Fuencarral Street that is just a few minutes away. This street is fully pedestrian and while staying here a must tour.

Image by EzPzPics from Pixabay

The hostel is also close to Gran Via and you can easily walk to the Prado Museum that is located 20 minutes away on foot. The hostel is also close to the Chueca and Recoletos metro stations. What’s great about this hostel is that its close proximity to Recoletos train station and this also makes it easy for you to access the airport’s terminal 4.

There are plenty of facilities on offer here from walking tours close by and plenty of bars to experience too. The beddings, towels, shampoos and shower gel are provided at no extra cost. There is a cost to storing luggage at 2 Euros. There is also laundry available.

The hostel has double rooms, dorms that accommodate four, six and eleven people. There are private bathrooms too and some of these are women only. All beds have a socket and lamp. You will be allocated a locker that has a key.

Mad4You Hostel 

Hostel Madrid
Image by Mad4You Hostel

Mad4You hostel is tucked in a street with other beautiful 19th century buildings surrounded by restaurants and bars. It is also located close to the Noviciado and Tribunal metro station. The staff is also available and on-call throughout. The interior is very cozy with an area set for TV entertainment including books and board games.

A great place to make new friends or bond if you are traveling as a group. There is also a great hangout area in the courtyard. You have free storage for your luggage available in a room that is securely locked. This is different from other hostels that offer lockers. Beddings are offered however towels are charged at an extra cost of 2 Euros.

Bastardo Hostel 

Image by djedj from Pixabay

Bastardo Hostel is a popular meeting place for guests and truly brings out the culture of the people in Madrid. The hostel is located between Chueca and Malasana and very close to the Tribunal metro station.

The hostel rooms are affordable and have a wide range of rooms from double, dorm rooms that accommodate up to six people and family rooms. Additionally, each bed is allocated a locker, beddings and a socket. If you are looking for a friendly and social atmosphere then Bastardo is the go-to hostel.


Sungate One Hostel  

Image by Diego Labandeira from Pixabay

Situated at the center of Madrid City and tucked in between Puerta del Sol and Callao, the Sungate Hostel is a popular hostel with young backpackers. The interior is uniquely designed with recycled material. Here is one unique aspect about Sungate that every budget backpacker should note: The hostel offers free diners! Here you get to enjoy dinner in a communal atmosphere.

The lounge is also the same place where the reception is located. Additionally, the hostel has double rooms and dorms that either has four or five beds. Each room has lockers, plugs and private light allocated to each bed.

Have you been to Madrid, Spain? Which was your favorite hostel? Share your experience in the comments below.


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