Backpack Through The Best Cities In Spain

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Spain is full of beautiful cities just waiting to be explored. By planning your journey carefully, you will be able to discover several of the finest cities in Spain when backpacking in the country. Here are just a few of the most interesting cities in Spain to inspire you to start packing your bags.

Visit Spain’s History In Barcelona

Located in Spain’s Catalunya region, Barcelona is full of art treasures and history. It’s the kind of place where you need to look closely at buildings to see an architectural design carefully placed to give Barcelona its uniqueness. Gaudi is most closely associated with Barcelona. Visit the magnificent unfinished cathedral at La Sagrada Familia and enjoy the sculptures at Parc Guell. You’ll find one of the world’s best food markets at Mercado De La Boqueria, and a walk down Las Ramblas is not to be missed. You’ll also find art museums such as the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and the Joan Miro Foundation, full of the work of artists inspired by this region.

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Admire The Amazing Artichure In Toledo

One of the most historic cities, Toledo is in Central Spain and famed for its Arab, Christian and Jewish monuments within the walled city. Standing above a hill above the Castilla La Mancha plains the city has a unique appearance. Spend time at the Alcazar of Toledo, the cathedral, and the El Greco Museum (he was born in Toledo). You can get a unique view of Toledo by riding Europe’s longest zip line across the city area. The Castle of San Servando dates back to the Roman era and is not only fascinating to explore but as a backpacker, you can stay in the hostel within the grounds.

Make A Visit To Granada

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Granada is one of the must-see cities in Spain. It is close to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Southern Spain and exudes medieval charm. The city has many architectural treasures from the time that Granada was the last stronghold of the Spanish Moors. Today you can visit this part of the city and explore the exquisite patios, royal palaces, and pools reflecting architecture. There are gardens too and the entire city of Granada feels like a museum where you can step back in time. Spend time in the famous Alhambra, shop for souvenirs in the Alcaiceria, and relax in the sumptuous gardens of the Generalife.

Emerce Into The Culture In Madrid

Spain’s capital city is a vibrant metropolis with a rich history. It is ideal for a short weekend break or as part of a backpacking tour. Check out some of the most famous buildings in Madrid at the Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace. Or, get a cultural boost by visiting the Prado Museum of Art, or the Fine Arts Museum at San Fernando. El Retiro Park is the ideal place to chill out on a backpacking vacation with its fountains and beautiful gardens. Sports fans will enjoy watching Real Madrid play at home if they can get a soccer ticket. Madrid is full of exciting museums, shops, and bars. Whether you want a simple picnic in the park or tapas in the Latina district, Madrid has something for everyone.

Find Hidden Treasures In Seville

Spain Seville
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Seville is another wonderful city in Andalusia. This Southern Spanish city is full of cultural treasures making it a must-see destination on a backpacking holiday to Spain. Its gothic cathedral dominates the skyline while the medieval alleyways make the city an intriguing passageway to the past. Explore the real Alcazar with its Moorish architecture and visit the Hospital de Los Venerables Sacerdotes, now a fascinating museum.

Seville is rich in history and you’ll enjoy walking around the city center. But there are modern aspects to Seville and one of its biggest attractions is the Metropol Parasol, a unique mushroom-shaped structure in the city. Head to the honeycombed roof and viewing platform for mesmerizing views of the city skyline. Seville and Andalusia are renowned for flamenco dancing and you can learn this traditional dance in several of the bars in town.

See Amazing Sights In Malaga

Malaga is another popular Spanish city in Andalusia. It is ideal for backpackers as there are several cheap flights to Spain that arrive in the city airport. The city is on the coast and famed for its beaches and hotels. Explore the city further and you’ll soon discover the historic part of town. There are remnants of Moorish rule here including the ruined Gibralfaro and the hilltop citadel the Alcazaba. Malaga’s beautiful cathedral is known as la Manquita or the Lady with one Arm as one of the towers remains unbuilt. Picasso’s birthplace and museum is also popular with visitors to the city. The Sierra Nevada Mountains are close to Malaga and another option for backpackers visiting cities in Spain is to head to Ronda for a few days to hike.

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Take Some Memorable Pictures In Cordoba

Historic Cordoba was a strategic Roman city due to its position on the Guadalquivir River and an important Islamic center in medieval times. The city was at its cultural height when the Moors built the Great Mosque, or Mezquita and Cordoba became the capital of the Moorish world. When Cordoba was reconquered by Christians in 1236 they were so impressed by the grandeur of the mosque they left it standing and built their church among its arches. Cordoba’s old Jewish Quarter with its narrow alleyways is another popular place to explore. Calle De Las Flores is the most photographed street in the city and perfect for a selfie. The medieval castle or Alcazar is another must for visitors to this Spanish city. You’ll find lots of delightful bars and restaurants here too with the very best of Andalusian cuisine.

Relax By The Seaside In Cadiz

Located in Southern Spain, Cadiz is an ancient port that boomed in the 16th century thanks to trade and exploration. It is on the Andalusian coast and has several beaches within the city. Cadiz has over a hundred watchtowers, the most famous being Torre Tavira. The Castillo San Sebastian featured in James Bond’s Die Another Day and is connected to the sea via a tidal causeway. Another famous building is the eighteenth-century gothic cathedral which is right on the coast. Check out the seafood at the city market, renowned for its fresh produce. One of the best places to eat fresh seafood in Cadiz is El Faro Restaurant near La Caleta Beach. The Grand Teatro Falla has classic concerts that are ideal for that cultural fix on a backpacking holiday.

Taste Span’s Cuisine In San Sebastian

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San Sebastian is right in the heart of Basque Country in a coastal location. This mountainous region is really beautiful and San Sebastian has lots of attractions for backpackers exploring Spanish cities. San Sebastian’s golden sandy beaches are popular too, especially the Playa de la Concha and the Playa de Zurriola. People also come to this Basque city for art and culture. Check out the San Telmo Museum which explores Basque culture and art. San Sebastian is a foodie city with many fine restaurants and bars. Fresh seafood is the order of the day naturally, but the one specialty everyone should try just once is pintxos- or small snacks eaten in bars around town. San Sebastian also has a surfing scene and water sporting activities.

Tour Santiago de Compostela

If Santiago de Compostela feels like the end of a journey then that’s because it lies at the end of one of the world’s most famous routes. The Camino de Santiago finishes here so you’ll see lots of pilgrims come and go in this beautiful city. Of course, you too could make that long journey or do part of the trek as part of a backpacking holiday in Spain. This is the assumed burial place of St James and the cathedral is dedicated to him. The city has magnificent medieval walls, beautiful plazas, and lovely old streets to explore. Santiago de Compostela is the main city of Galicia and has some great restaurants and shops for visitors too. You’ll find good places to stay and a wide range of restaurants here.

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Stroll The Streets Of Bilbao

One of the largest cities in the Basque region, Bilbao is famed for its art and culture. It is probably best known for the Guggenheim Museum designed by Frank Gehry and housing modern and historic art collections. Its iconic design is worth the journey to Bilbao alone. Another famous art museum is the Museo de Bellas Artes which has anything from El Greco to Van Dyck and 20th-century pop art. Bilbao is also renowned for the historic old quarter with its beautiful streets, quirky shops, and fun bars. The area around Las Siete Calles dates from the fourteenth century. Like many coastal cities in Spain, Bilbao is famed for its seafood restaurants and Basque cuisine.


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